Liner Testing

Determining the integrity of Non- reinforced Geomembrane seams produced using thermos-fusion methods

This test method describes destructive quality control and quality assurance tests used to determine the integrity of geomembrane seams produced by thermos-fusion methods.

The use of geomembranes as barrier materials to restrict liquid migration from one location to another in soil and rock has created a need for this test method to evaluate the quality of the liner seams produced by the fusion joining method .With geomembranes it has become evident that the geomembranes seams can exhibit separation in the field under certain conditions.

This testing is intended to provide quality assurance to the clients and installation contractors with sufficient seam peel and shear test data to evaluate seam quality.

Recording and reporting data, such as separation that occurs during the peel test and elongation during the shear test. This will minimize the potential seam separation in service and helps identify poor quality production/product at the earliest stage, before it has the potential to become a costly error that can cause an environmental incident.

Geomembrane liner weld samples are cut using a special press dies as per the standard specifications these liner weld sample are subjected to peel and shear stress at constant speed in our NATA laboratory. The test samples are loaded in one of our 10kN mechanical testing machine.

When sending the geomembrane liner test welds samples to the laboratory for testing, they need to be cut from the liner measuring 250 mm either side of the fusion weld area and a length of 500 mm long and sent along with the test documents filled out for each test piece with all the information that is required on the NATA report.

The test welds need to be clearly marked, with a project number, welder personnel identification number and name, weld joint identification number and welding machine ID and date welded.

Liner Geomembrane testing is an essential means of ascertaining the integrity of the welds produced on projects. PIPETEST AUSTRALIA can do all your testing leaving the client with confidence in the installation and products. We would recommend doing a pre-production test using the welding machines, operator and liner so the quality control and conference in the welding at the start of all projects.