Occupational Health And Safety Policy

The safety and wellbeing of all company personnel is of high importance during working at PIPETEST AUSTRALIA.

Accidents injure people and cause needless pain, suffering and distress of the injured person, work mates and their loved ones.

We must take all reasonable steps to eliminate all the risks and hazards which would damage the safety and health and wellbeing of all employees.

If the risks cannot be entirely eliminated, it is the responsibility of the company and all employees to see that effective guarding is in and safe work procedures are carried out before tasks are performed and the correct protective personnel equipment is used at all times .

This will provide a safe work condition without accident, risk or danger to the employees.

All employees are responsible for the prevention of accidents in the workplace and for protection against damage to health arising from the work environment.

Particular attention must be given to the activities of new employees.

Good housekeeping must be maintained at all times and unsafe practices eliminated. Work must not be carried out on, or by using, unsafe equipment or where all guarding is not fitted to the satisfaction of the Safety Regulations and in accordance with company safety standards and the government laws.

Employees are responsible for ensuring that they work safely and in accordance with the Company’s and industries legislative requirements.

The Company’s responsibilities are to ensure a healthy, safe and clean workplace and to provide equipment and PPE to protect employees so that they can work in a safe manner.

All employees have a right to speak up if they notice unsafe practices and must notify the company manager as soon as possible to prevent any accidents.


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