Failure Analysis

With the fluids running through pipelines all other the world such as water, sewage waste, gas, chemicals and Mining mineral slurry’s , you don’t want be losing these very valuable commodity with failures occurring in pipe lines and can lead to environmental damage as well as being costly to the owner.

PIPETEST AUSTRALIA does it simple when it comes to failure analysis: we solve problems while keeping in mind your desire for practical, cost effective, timely solutions. When solving related problems it is critical to understand the complex properties in the material and how it will behave when in operation and the environment to which it is subjected. Our knowledge of engineering material technology and engineering ensures our ability to solve your problems.

Forensic inquiry into the failed process or product is the starting point of failure analysis. Such inquiry is conducted using scientific analytical methods such as mechanical measurements, or by analyzing failure data such as project/product reports or examples of previous failures of the same kind.

The methods of understanding engineering are especially valuable in tracing product defects and flaws. They may include fatigue cracks, brittle cracks produced by stress corrosion cracking or environmental stress cracking for example. Witness statements and QA/QC document audits can be valuable for reconstructing the likely sequence of events and hence the chain of cause and effect. Human factors can also be assessed when the cause of the failure is determined. A failure analysis often plays a lead role in the analysis of failures, whether a component or product fails in service or if failure occurs in manufacturing or during production processing.

PIPETEST AUSTRALIA will determine the cause of failure to prevent future occurrence, and/or to improve the performance of the device, component or structure.

     *Polyethylene components, Pipe and fittings.

     *Engineering Components (Metallurgy and composites).

     *Caterpillar Earthmoving components.

     *Insurance investigations.

The environmental impact on failures in the processing and mining industry can have catastrophic affects and this needs to be prevented. This is where Testing and Quality Controls plays a major part in preventing failures, giving confidence in the projects.